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Manage Originality Dropbox Items

(null)Turnitin is enabled by your system administrator. Some or all features might be turned on or off for your course. To enable Turnitin and its features, see your system administrator or contact a Strategic Customer Operations representative.

One advantage to online learning is the convenience of easy access to information and resources online. However, accessible information also increases the risk of students copying content from credible sources and not producing work that is their own. Turnitin is an effective tool you can use to manage and ensure your students' DropBox submissons are original and not plagiarized. Use the Originality Report feature to see what percentage of content in a student submission is not original.


To enable Turnitin for Dropbox items:

You must select specific Dropbox Baskets to use or not use Turnitin. This option is useful for when you have multiple baskets and would like to only manage midterm papers or special assignments for plagiarism. Once a basket is selected for Turnitin, you have the option to clear the check box at any time. In addition, you can enable Dropbox Baskets containing previously submitted assignments to use Turnitin. Once the Dropbox Basket containing previously submitted assignments is selected to use Turnitin, the system auto-generates an Originality Report for each document.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Dropbox.
  2. In the Edit column, click Edit.
  3. In the Turnitin column, either:

    Tip: Once Turnitin is enabled for an assignment, the Settings icon Settings icondisplays.

  4. Click Save Changes.

To modify Turnitin preference settings:

Turnitin provides a series of preference settings you can apply.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Dropbox.
  2. In the Edit column, click Edit.
  3. In the Settings column, click Settings icon for the Dropbox Item for which you want to modify settings. The Assignment Editor page opens.
  4. From the options provided, select preference settings accordingly.

Originality reports

Originality reports provide a summary view of how much of the content in a student paper is original. Not only can you see how much of the content is plagiarized, but you can also see the source from which the content was originated. The Turnitin originality reports are available from your Inbox view, the Student Dropbox view, and from the Dropbox Grade Detail page.

To view the originality report:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Dropbox.
  2. From the Baskets page, click a Basket name to view the inbox for that basket.
  3. In the Turnitin column, hover your cursor over the item for which you would like to view the originality report. If the originality Report is not ready to view, or if there was a problem with the submission, the system displays the following status icons:
  4. Click the percentage displayed. The originality report opens.

  5. Describe the color scheme

    The higher the percentage, the more plagiarized the content.



    Blue indicator

    Blue - Content originality ranges from >1%. Meaning, less than 1% of content is not original.

    Green indicator

    Green - Content originality ranges from 1- 24%. Meaning, 1- 24% of content is not original.

    Yellow indicator

    Yellow - Content originality ranges from 24- 49%. Meaning, 24 - 49% of content is not original.

    Orange indicator

    Orange - Content originality ranges from 50- 74%. Meaning, 50 - 74% of content is not original.

    Red indicator

    Red - Content originality ranges from 75- 100%. Meaning, 75 -100% of content is not original.

  6. (Optional) Print the originality report from your browser window.

How to interpret the originality report

Once opened, the originality report displays the average total percentage of non-original content. Use the similarity index to identify how much of the content is copied from other sources such as the Internet, publications, and student papers. Non-original content displays in colored text throughout the report. Using the color scheme defined by Turnitin, you can easily identify how much of the student's content is plagiarized and from which sources.

Following is a sample originality report:


To print the originality report:

Print the originality report from your browser window.

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