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How to Set up Gradebook

Gradebook can be set up in three easy steps. These steps correspond to the tabs across the top of the Setup Gradebook page. Each tab builds upon the previous tab.

To set up gradebook, you must add content items to your course; otherwise, no content items appear in the Setup Gradebook page. Once you have added content items, you decide which items show in the gradebook and which instances of those items are gradable. This is important because not all content items are assigned grades.

For example...

If you created a Readings content item in your course. The Readings content item is not something students would be graded on per se. However, a threaded discussion revolving around the Readings section probably would be graded, and therefore included in the gradebook. Or, you might have created two research paper assignments in your course where the first assignment is practice and the second is the actual assignment. In this case, the first paper would not be graded, but the second paper would be. You can identify in the gradebook which instance of each item is gradable.

Once you identify and select gradable items, assign specific point values to each gradable item. Assigning total points possible values allows the gradebook to calculate current student grades.

To set up gradebook:

  1. Add items - This is where you decide which content items and course tools to show in your gradebook.
  2. Select gradable items - This is where you determine which items will be assigned grades.
  3. Assign points or weights - This is where you assign points possible or relative weighted percentages to gradable items.

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