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Gradebook and Rubrics


You and your students have access to a shared online gradebook. Use the gradebook to determine which aspects of your course should be graded and add these items to your online gradebook as gradable items. Next, assign a "total points possible" value to each gradable item. As students complete assignments, you can evaluate their work and then enter their grades into the gradebook. If you entered a total point value for each gradable item when you set up your gradebook, the gradebook can use the student’s actual points and the total points possible to calculate current student grades at the content item, unit, and course level. Student’s names display in the gradebook after they have enrolled in your course. 

You can use decimal points for scoring gradable items.

Notes Gradebook uses the round-to-even algorithm. Therefore the rounding logic works as follows:

Additionally, you can use gradebook to post comments for each grade, grant students additional test time, create links to course content for review, and view student activity in the course. You can also create custom gradable items as they relate to the course, such as participation, group projects, extra credit, assignments, and so on.

Use the Freeze Name column in Show All view to lock that column when viewing students listed with their grades.

Use the display order in Unit View to match the view of content items in the Unit Summary to match the left hand navigation sort order and apply it to:

The system-generated names from gradebook views have been eliminated in the following views:

If a unit does not have any content items that are gradable, custom gradable items, or gradable course tools then the unit is not available from the dropdown list for "Select Gradebook View" and from the Show All view.

You can change the display order of content items and choose which to display.


Use rubrics to provide consistent, reliable means for assessing performance. Once established, rubrics can be reused and modified for your course items and lessons. You may need check with your administrator to ensure you can assign and assess rubrics.

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