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Learning Outcomes

(null) LOM is enabled by your system administrator. Some or all features might be turned on or off for your course. To enable LOM and its features, see your system administrator or contact a Strategic Customer Operations representative.

In addition to the course tools, Learning Outcome Manager (LOM) is a key feature that makes Learning Studio unique. Getting started with Learning Outcomes is easy. You can use LOM to add learning statements from the LOM library (from now on, referred to as the repository) to your course. Once added to the course, you can then link those learning statements to content items and assess student performance against outcomes identified in the course rubric. LOM is available from the Enable or Disable Tools page.

How it Works

Many schools follow their own learning criteria for program and course objectives to meet standards set by accrediting agencies, colleges, program administrators, and so on. In LOM, these learning criteria and course objectives are referred to as “learning statements.” The learning statements for your school are stored in a repository. By adding learning statements to your course, and then linking those learning statements to content items, you can track and measure the level of student proficiency across course projects, activities, and so on.

To open LOM:

  1. In the Left Navigation menu, click Course Home.
  2. Under Course Home, click Learning Outcomes. By default, the system shows the previously accessed LOM repository. For first time users, click Add newAdd Learning Statements to select a repository and get started.

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