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Some instructors might require you to use ExamGuard to take your exams. ExamGuard is a customized browser that provides an extra secure environment for online test-taking. Remember, you only need to download the ExamGuard software if your instructor requires it. If you are not sure, ask your instructor.

When you take an exam using ExamGuard you will not be able to:

Before downloading ExamGuard, ask your instructor whether ExamGuard is configured to run on Respondus or QuestionMark for your course.

Facts to know:

To download ExamGuard:

ExamGuard is powered by Respondus . Please confirm with your instructor that your system is configured to use ExamGuard before downloading.

  1. Go to thte sart page of your exam.
  2. After you install ExamGuard, close your browser window.
  3. Open a new browser window and login again to your course to ensure ExamGuard is recognized by your system.

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